Ultrasonic wind speed sensor is in meteorological monitoring device


In People’s Daily life, we can know the change of wind speed and weather by meteorological monitoring, and we can use ultrasonic wind speed sensor to detect wind speed. Of course, there is also the change of wind direction. For the measurement of wind direction, wind direction instrument or wind direction sensor equipment is basically used to solve this problem. It includes port and wharf environmental monitoring and control, weather station and environmental protection monitoring and control, construction machinery operation process monitoring and control, aerial operation process monitoring and control, and other industrial process monitoring and control related to the safety of wind speed and direction.

The use of wind speed sensor to monitor the weather to predict some natural disasters, can let people do prevention, and we look at the application of ultrasonic wind speed sensor in weather monitoring.

The wind speed sensor can continuously monitor the wind speed and air volume, and can display the wind speed and air volume at the location in real time. It is an important instrument for measuring the ventilation safety parameters of objects.

Ultrasonic wind speed sensor
Product Introduction:

Ultrasonic wind speed sensor adopts time difference method to measure wind speed, reliable performance, easy to carry, without any moving parts, and does not need maintenance and on-site calibration, is a more advanced instrument to measure wind speed.

JXCT provides ultrasonic wind speed sensors with light weight, no moving parts, rugged features, and no maintenance and field calibration, can output wind speed and direction at the same time.

Sensors use sound (and ultrasound) to transmit through the movement of the fluid it passes through. The electro-acoustic transducer uses ultrasonic signals to communicate with each other in pairs and determines the time difference in wave propagation caused by the airflow according to the orthogonal axis. The transducers communicate with each other to provide four independent measurements, while the headwind measurement vector is used for calculations. Combined with these measurements, wind speed and direction relative to the reference axis are calculated. Temperature measurement is used for calibration. The sensor design reduces the effect of the tilt Angle (the effect of the sensor tilt is partially corrected based on the shape of the space).

At the same time, ultrasonic wind speed sensor can provide four independent test data. Correctness check is used to calculate the head wind vector. This method provides 0.15m/S wind speed sensitivity, reliability and superior linearity up to 40m/S. Customers can choose wind speed unit, output frequency and output format according to their needs.

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