CO sensor fault causes and solutions


Electrochemical CO sensor belongs to electrochemical gas sensor. The electrochemical gas sensor is mainly composed of two parts: conduction and conversion system.

CO sensor can be said to be closely related to our daily life and production of gas sensor. It is an important guarantee of human breathing safety.

Fault causes and solutions:

1. the temperature of the gas itself and the temperature of the gas sensor have what kind of impact:

The temperature of the electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor itself determines the lowest display current. And the temperature of the measured gas sample has a certain effect on this.

The rate at which gas molecules enter the sensor electrode through the fine hole determines the signal of the CO sensor.

2.Whether the gas sensor can be continuously exposed to the target gas:

Gas sensors can intermittently monitor the target gas, generally not suitable for continuous monitoring, especially when it involves high gas concentration, high humidity or high temperature.

3.How long does the gas sensor need to be recalibrated after use:

The length of time between initial calibration and recalibration depends on many factors.

This usually includes the temperature, humidity, pressure of the sensor, what kind of gas it was exposed to, and how long it was exposed to the gas.

CO sensor

In order to continuously monitor the concentration of carbon monoxide gas. Two electrochemical carbon monoxide sensors can sometimes be used for recycling.

Each sensor is exposed to the gas at most half the time and can be recovered in fresh air the other half of the time.

But most products provide a very stable signal over a long period of time, requiring only regular calibration with CO sensors.

Like once a year. If the use of the sensor is very demanding or used for safety applications, the calibration may need to be relatively frequent.

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