Ultrasonic level gauge monitors water level

Product Overview:

Ultrasonic level gauge is a data transmission sensor based on 4G mobile network. Without special communication lines, the ubiquitous cell phone signal network enables iot detection.

4G level sensor use a stable and reliable carrier network. It has the characteristics of mature technology, stable transmission, strong signal and wide coverage. Meanwhile, the device can periodically collect data and upload it to the server platform.

Ultrasonic level gauge is a distance measuring instrument developed based on the principle of ultrasonic.

The distance is calculated by measuring the time at the receiving end of the transmitted acoustic pulse. The whole machine shell is made of ABS material, with light weight, no moving parts, strong and durable characteristics.

And without maintenance and on-site calibration, it can be used with computers, data collectors or other acquisition equipment with RS485.

Scope of application:

Ultrasonic level gauge is widely used in industrial water tank, tank, municipal engineering, water conservancy and hydropower, sewage treatment, petrochemical and other industries and other environments of liquid level distance measurement.

Ultrasonic level gauge
Product advantages:

1.No moving parts, small wear, long service life;

2.Engineering plastic shell, lightweight design, portable, easy to install and disassemble;

3.No maintenance and on-site calibration;

4.Using imported detection chip, fast response;

5.Small zero drift, good repeatability;

6.The products have been tested by EMC and EMI, and have strong anti-interference ability;

7.The equipment is stable, reliable and accurate;

8.Remote cloud alarm monitoring;

Jingxun Cloud introduction:

Jingxun Cloud is a universal Internet of Things cloud platform developed by JXCT. Based on industry solutions, the traditional cloud platform focuses on links rather than experiences.

Upgrade the display effect and style of the front section on the basis of links, integrate more than ten industry interface templates.

It is an Internet of things system integrating solutions, data collection, early warning, remote control and data analysis. Jingxun Cloud provides data recording, query, export, comparison and other functions, mainly providing one-stop service for customers at the application layer.

Jingxun Cloud advantages:

(1) Stability: High stability, the overall system availability rate is greater than 99.7%, database application availability rate is greater than 99.8%, and regular maintenance.

(2) Easy operation: to provide friendly user management and use of the world

(3) Reliability: during the system design, we should ensure the reliability of the system by selecting excellent products and adopting necessary technical means

(4) Compatibility: Products of other companies can be produced on our platform according to our server protocol

(5) “Thousand people and thousand Faces” : with privatized deployment, it also provides two entrances, normal entrance and neutral entrance. After entering from the neutral entrance, the interface information seen by customers is the information set by customers themselves

(6) wechat mini program: it is easy to check the status, data and binding location of the device through wechat.

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