What can Radon Gas Tester Do?


radon gas tester. Hand-held gas detectors are used in many occasions. Can play an important role. Especially in the environment. In the case of toxic gas and flammable and explosive gas. Gas detectors can help people. Accurately detect air in a short time. also, The concentration of harmful gases and flammable and explosive gases in the medium. also, Assist people to deal with it and avoid relevant harmful results in time. also, Prevent gas poisoning. So, the explosion occurred, maintain the safety of people’s lives and property.

Common diffusion gas detector. Need to passively wait for the gas to diffuse freely to the probe. Its subsequent series of gases. also, The probing analysis procedure can only begin. This requires consideration of the gas diffusion rate. And gas diffusion process. May be mixed with impurities. And the above two situations. Will cause the gas detection time to lengthen respectively. And the test result is not accurate. also, The former will increase the potential safety hazards in the detection process. also, The latter will lead to test results. also, The reference value of declining. And the follow-up processing strategy. Has an impact on its effectiveness.

radon gas tester
radon gas tester
Portable gas detector:

The main change of the pumping gas detector is. An improved high-precision probe is used. And above the probe. Equipped with a small air pump. Its working mode is that the power supply drives the air pump. Gas in the area to be measured. Pump down. Then send the sample gas to the instrument. Meanwhile, Monitor the probe by sampling. Amplify and sort the gas signal. Converted to the corresponding value. Displayed on the high-definition large screen equipped with the detector.

How to speed up the gas sampling speed. Increase the gas monitoring range. So, It is the developer of every gas detector. Issues that must be carefully considered. The R&D personnel of JingxunChangtong have been conceived and debugged for a long time. Finally launched this portable gas detector with significant advantages in the above two aspects.

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