What is the effect of water quality PH on aquaculture?

What is water quality PH?

PH value is an important indicator of water quality, it can not only directly affect the physiological activities of fish. It can also indirectly affect the growth and reproduction of fish by changing the physical, biochemical and other factors in the water environment. The pH value of the water body can reflect whether the water quality is suitable for breeding fish and shrimp, and it is an important indicator of the growth of aquatic organisms.

Suitable PH range for aquaculture organisms

Generally speaking, weakly alkaline water is beneficial to the growth of fish. The pH range of indirect death is 5-9, and the pH range where fish and shrimp can live safely is around 6.0-9.0. It is most suitable for living in weakly alkaline water. When the pH value exceeds a certain range, it will cause the death of aquatic organisms. When the pH is higher than 8.5 for more than 24 hours, the gill tissue may corrode and endanger life. Generally speaking, the acidity increases and the oxygen-carrying capacity decreases, and the fish will float due to lack of oxygen.

When the water is too acid, it will lead to inability to breed and hatch. Of course, the pH value is within the safety range of 6.0-9.0. But when it exceeds the optimal range, it will also affect the life activities of fish, thereby affecting the output and benefits of aquaculture.

PH value
PH value
Water quality PH sensor

Jingxun Changtong Water Quality PH Detector has the characteristics of high stability, good repeatability and multi-function, which can accurately measure the PH value in aqueous solution. It is widely used in environmental protection, sewage treatment, thermal power, aquaculture, food processing, tap water, printing, chemical industry, metallurgy, pharmacy, fermentation and other solutions on-line detection of PH value. The product probe is composed of PH glass electrode and silver chloride silver reference electrode, with stable signal and high precision.

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