gas detector explosion proof


Jingxunchangtong gas detector explosion proof mainly deals in various combustible gas alarms. Toxic gas alarms (natural gas alarms. Sulfur dioxide alarms. Carbon monoxide alarms. Chlorine alarms. Hydrogen alarms. Ammonia alarms. Flammable and harmful gas detection alarms). And gas detectors. Gas detector. Portable gas detector. Gas controller. Air breathing apparatus, etc. Gas alarm equipment. In addition, the products are widely used in gas. oil. Chemical industry. Fire. Metallurgy, electric power. There is flammable in mines. Explosive. Hazardous locations with toxic gases.

Point type combustible gas detector. Via a four-core cable. Connect with the fire alarm controller in the safe area. In addition, Two of the wires are DC24V power wires. The other two are buses. The explosion-proof mark of this detector is ExdⅡCT6. In addition, Suitable for petroleum and chemical industry. Machinery, medicine. In addition, Zone 1 and Zone 2 in the explosive environment of storage and transportation industries. In addition, Not applicable to zone 0 and underground coal mine environment.

gas detector explosion proof
gas detector explosion proof

Flammable gas means. Able to interact with air or oxygen. Mix in a certain concentration range. Form a premixed gas. Encountering a fire source will cause an explosion, and a large amount of combustible gas will be released during the combustion process, which will be mixed with air. It forms a mixture of air and combustible gas. According to the concentration of combustible gas in the mixed gas. Divide the mixed gas into low volume areas. Explosive zone and rich area. The lower limit of the explosion zone. Called the lowes In addition, t explosive limit. The upper limit of the explosion zone. In addition, Called the highest explosive limit. In addition, Several flammable gas detection methods are given in the article. The combustible gas detector is based on the detection principle. In addition, Usually divided into thermal conductivity type. In addition, Semiconductor type. Catalytic combustion type and infrared absorption type. In addition, This article discusses the performance of combustible gas detectors. installation methods and relevant national standards that should be followed.

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