Water quality turbidity sensor of water monitoring system

Introduction of water quality turbidity sensor

The water quality turbidity sensor in the water monitoring system is also called a turbidity meter. He is a kind of water quality sensor. It can be used to test the turbidity of water samples in power plants, industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories and in the field. This instrument is often used as the necessary inspection equipment for drinking water plants to apply for QS certification.

The water turbidity sensor head adopts the scattered light turbidity measurement method. The light is scattered due to the turbidity in the water sample. By measuring the intensity of scattered light perpendicular to the incident light. Compare with internal calibration value. In order to calculate the turbidity in the water sample. Eliminate ambient light interference through infrared light and filters. After linearization processing, the output signal is stable and high precision.

Basic parameters

Main measurement accuracy and measurement range: ±3.0%; 0-1000NTU (default), 0-100NTU, 0-4000NTU.
Working pressure range: 0-0.6Mpa (water depth of 60 meters)
Probe cable length: 5 meters (default)

Use introduction

When multiple sensors of this product are combined in a 485 bus. Please abide by the “485 Bus Field Wiring Regulations” when performing the 485 bus combination. In theory, one bus can connect more than 16 485 sensors. If you need to connect more 485 sensors. You can use 485 repeaters to expand more 485 devices. The other end is connected to the PLC with 485 interface, and the single-chip microcomputer is connected through the 485 interface chip. Or use USB to 485 to connect to the computer. Use the sensor configuration tool provided by our company for configuration and testing. When multiple sensors of this product are used in a 485 bus, please follow the “485 bus field wiring rules” when performing the 485 bus combination.

water monitoring system
water monitoring system

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