smart water level monitoring system


smart water level monitoring system. In addition, the water level information is a hydrological monitoring system. Important elements. In addition, it is used in water conservancy and water transportation. Flood prevention and drought resistance. Other hydrological data forecasts. And other fields. play an important role. Manually observe and read the water level gauge. It is the traditional way to obtain water level information. But there is the inaccuracy of human eye recognition. In addition, And dangers and inclement weather. Unable to observe water. level and other issues. In addition, With the rapid development of sensors. Pressure sensor type. Ultrasonic. Laser-type water level gauge. Already used for water. level measurement. But due to different construction principles. They actually deploy. Subject to the scope. of application. measurement accuracy.

Deployment difficulty and cost. And other factors. In addition, Image recognition water level monitoring system. Take Internet+ as the core concept. In addition, Artificial Intelligence AI. As the core technology. Monitor existing video images. Site resources are excavated. and optimized. In addition, expand the video image station. Function. In addition, Without affecting the original video surveillance system. Under the operating conditions. Use video surveillance system. Mining resources again. Construction image. In addition, Identify the water level monitoring system. In addition, Increase the coverage and density of water level monitoring. Enrich water level monitoring. information. Image + data. Mutual information verification. In addition, Guarantee traditional monitoring methods. In addition, The accuracy of the data. Dig deep into the existing. Video image station resources. Avoid duplication of construction.

smart water level monitoring system
smart water level monitoring system
System composition:

Intelligent water level image recognition system. It mainly includes front-end equipment. transporting network. Platform software and display terminal. It adopts two forms: timed capture and autonomous image capture. Upload water gauge pictures regularly or as needed. The .front-end equipment mainly.. includes network high-speed cameras. Water gauge. 4G flow card. The transmission network mainly passes. The 4G transmitted to the information center. The information center deploys a set of. platform software systems. The main task is to receive and store. the image data in real time, and to recognize the water gauge image regularly. Upload the identified water. level data to the display terminal.

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