gas detector handheld

Why is a gas detector a necessary equipment for mine workers?

At least several thousand people die in mine disasters in the world every year. The frequency of mining disasters is particularly prominent in developing countries such as China. In 2003, China produced approximately 35% of the world’s coal. But it accounts for about 80% of the death toll from coal mine accidents. There may be many reasons for the mining disaster. Including toxic gas leaks (hydrogen sulfide) or natural gas explosions (such as methane). Coal dust explosion, seismic activity. Floods or mechanical failures and command errors, etc. Toxic gases are the least noticeable. So gas detector handheld gas detector. It is a gas sensor that detects gas composition and concentration. It is mostly used in mines and other places with hidden safety hazards.

Greatly reduce the occurrence of some possible mine disasters. The portable gas detection alarm device has a built-in gas sensor detection element. It can automatically measure the gas in the well. Such as methane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc. When the harmful gas content exceeds the standard. Or when there is insufficient oxygen. It will automatically alarm to remind the staff to evacuate or emergency rescue measures. Minimize the occurrence of accidents. Therefore, all types of explosion-proof equipment used in coal mines must comply with the national standard “GB3836-2000”. If the explosion-proof equipment is not qualified.

gas detector handheld
gas detector handheld
The four-in-one portable gas detector

Flames that explode inside will spread to the outside of the shell. And it is in direct contact with the combustible and explosive gas mixture in the well. It may cause mine fires and gas or coal dust explosions to cause serious accidents. In a confined place. The following waterways, agricultural airtight granaries. Work places such as railway tank cars, tunnels, etc., before personnel enter. It must be tested. And to be tested outside the confined space. A complete confined space gas alarm. It should be non-contact. Sub-site detection has multi-gas detection function. To detect dangerous gases distributed in different spaces. And it should be a portable instrument that does not affect workers’ work. Only in this way. In order to ensure the absolute safety of the staff entering the confined space.

The four-in-one portable gas detector is designed with the latest digital integrated circuit technology and international gas-sensing detection technology. A brand new intelligent gas detector. A large-size full-color LCD screen is used to display the readings in real time. For the probe, select the probe of the manufacturer of the well-known brand in the industry. Relying on several years of gas transmitter research and development experience. Use mature, stable and long-life probe solutions.

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