How does a soil pH sensor measure soil pH


Soil pH refers to the pH of the soil. The range is 0~14. If the pH is equal to 7, it is neutral. <7 is acidic, >7 is alkaline;. The pH value of the soil affects the soil nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Therefore, it has an important impact on the healthy growth of plants. Soil pH sensor is also called soil pH sensor and soil pH detector. It is an instrument for real-time detection of soil pH. It is composed of a metal sensor and a functional value switching device. The soil PH sensor probe is inserted into the soil to utilize the current generated by the oxidation-reduction reaction in the chemical reaction. The current value corresponds to different unit data, so it is also called soil electrochemical sensor.

Soil electrochemical sensor installation method

When testing, insert the tip of the metal probe into the soft soil. If the soil is too hard, you need to make a small hole slightly smaller than the probe in advance. Do not insert forcibly, nor hit the back of the sensor with a hard object. When pulling out the soil after use, you need to hold the black shell to pull it out. Instead of unplugging the communication line directly. Wipe the probe clean in time and cover it with a protective cover to avoid damage to the metal film.
The soil pH sensor is professionally used to measure the pH value of the soil. It cannot be determined in the laboratory with strong acid and alkali solutions.

Measurement methods

Quick measurement method: select the land to be measured. Throw the surface soil to the depth that needs to be measured, avoiding hard objects such as soil and rocks. Insert the probe vertically into the soil. When using this method to measure the pH of the soil. It is necessary to perform multiple measurements at different locations of the tested land and calculate the average value. Buried measurement method: first dig a deep pit with a diameter> 20cm. Insert the probe horizontally into the pit wall to a predetermined depth and then fill the pit firmly. After a period of stability. Then the pH value of the soil can be measured.

soil electrochemical sensor
soil electrochemical sensor

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