Sources and hazards of indoor ammonia

What are the hazards of ammonia to the human body

Ammonia is colorless and has a strong pungent odor. After long-term exposure, some people may develop pigmentation and even some finger ulcers. After being inhaled into the body, ammonia gas enters the lungs and enters the blood through the alveoli. Combined with hemoglobin, it reduces the blood’s oxygen transport function. Inhaling a large amount of NH3 gas over a period of time can cause sore throat, tearing, coughing, and difficulty breathing. In severe cases, it can cause edema and adult respiratory distress syndrome.

Sources of indoor ammonia:

We know that there are still poorly ventilated public toilets in the industry that will contain ammonia. But there will be a lot of ammonia in the home. NH3 in indoor air mainly comes from concrete admixtures used in building construction. In winter construction, urea and NH3 water will be added to the concrete wall as antifreeze. When the weather gets warmer, NH3 gas will be slowly released from the wall. Affect people’s health. At the same time, the additives of decoration materials will also contain some NH3 .

Indoor ammonia detection and protection:

The NH3 gas sensor can be used to detect indoor air. If you are not qualified, do not move in immediately, and open the windows for a period of time to ventilate. Minimize the use of interior decoration materials with additives and brighteners.

Ammonia  gas sensor
Ammonia gas sensor

The ammonia gas sensor adopts the professional test NH3 gas concentration sensor probe as the core detection device. It has a wide measuring range, high precision, good linearity, good versatility and convenient use. It has the characteristics of easy installation, long transmission distance and moderate price. This product uses a highly sensitive gas detection probe. The signal is stable and the accuracy is high. It has the characteristics of wide measuring range, good linearity, easy to use, easy to install, and long transmission distance.

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