Application of Ultrasonic Level Gauge in Sewage Treatment Station

The development background of ultrasonic level gauge:

Ultrasonic level gauge are a series of non-contact, high reliability, low price, maintenance-free level gauges. It completely solves the problems of winding, leakage and contact with the medium caused by pressure transmitters. Capacitive floats and other measurement methods. Costly maintenance and other troubles, ultrasonic gauges can meet most liquid measurement requirements in closed or open containers without contact with industrial media.

Now, with the development of science and technology, ultrasonic level measuring instruments can measure several centimeters. In the range of tens of centimeters, it also shows extraordinary ability under harsh conditions. Because sewage contains many chemical substances, and the water temperature and turbidity are very high. Sewage and mist are highly corrosive, which greatly shortens the life of the conventional contact liquid detector equipped on the sewage tank. In addition, due to inaccurate liquid detection, sewage overflow or discharge often occurs, affecting production. At the same time, it also brings great inconvenience to later operators and instrument maintenance personnel. Therefore, the emergence of ultrasonic gauges has greatly solved these problems.

The working principle of ultrasonic level gauge:

The ultrasonic level gauge is installed perpendicular to the surface of the measured object. It uses a high-power voltage oscillator as a probe to periodically emit pulsed ultrasonic waves to the surface of the measured object. The ultrasonic sensor receives the signal reflected from the surface of the measured material. The signal is selected and processed by the transmitting circuit, and the time required for the ultrasonic pulse to be sent back to return is obtained. The transmitter calculates the distance from the surface of the measured object to the sensor based on this time. And output standard signal (4-20mA). DC completes the functions of remote display, recording, alarm interlocking and self-adjustment of liquid level.

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