What are the types of H2S detector?

H2s gas detector:We all know that hydrogen sulfide is a toxic and harmful gas, colorless, and usually smells like rotten eggs, which is very unpleasant. This unpleasant smell not only stimulates our olfactory nerves, but also causes varying degrees of harm to the body.

Hydrogen sulfide mainly damages the central nervous system, respiratory system and other multi-organ systems of the human body. Mild hydrogen sulfide poisoning can cause symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. If a large amount of hydrogen sulfide is inhaled in a short period of time, symptoms such as headache, dizziness, confusion, and even coma can occur. Inhalation of a large amount of hydrogen sulfide will cause respiratory failure and rapid death. The degree of harm of hydrogen sulfide can be said to be fatal. Therefore, when we enter and exit places where hydrogen sulfide leaks and accumulate, we must conduct real-time detection of hydrogen sulfide in the places.

What is the best method for hydrogen sulfide detection?

As a toxic and harmful gas, hydrogen sulfide needs to be detected with scientific instrumentation tools. The method we often use to detect hydrogen sulfide is the hydrogen sulfide detection alarm.

The hydrogen sulfide detection alarm is a tool specially used to detect the concentration of hydrogen sulfide. Depending on the method of use, there are fixed and portable types, with limited access to and confined spaces. We need to carry a portable hydrogen sulfide detection alarm. The hydrogen sulfide concentration in the space can be effectively measured. In industrial and commercial places where there is a risk of hydrogen sulfide leakage, it is recommended that you install a fixed hydrogen sulfide detection alarm to monitor the hydrogen sulfide gas in the place for 24 hours.

Functional characteristics of hydrogen sulfide detection alarm

The functional characteristics of the fixed hydrogen sulfide detection alarm

  1. Users can set high and low alarm points by themselves
  2. Automatic calibration function to reduce measurement error
  3. Important operations require password verification to effectively prevent misoperations
  4. The standard RS485 signal can be directly connected to the factory DCS system
  5. Isolate the digital signal and connect it to the upper computer of the factory

Functional characteristics of portable hydrogen sulfide detection alarm

  1. There are normal monitoring indicators, fault lights, and alarm lights
  2. Full-featured self-detection at boot: sensor, battery power, circuit and alarm function
  3. The user can set the high and low alarm points by himself, and the screen displays the alarm category
  4. Calibration menu: one-key calibration, convenient for users to calibrate
  5. Real-time display of battery power, low-voltage prompt, low-voltage automatic shutdown
  6. Two-level (low report, high report) and triple alarm (sound, light, vibration), not easy to ignore

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