The portable water quality analyzer you didn’t know

What types of portable water quality analyzers are there? Do you have a portable water quality analyzers that knows which parameters? Next, let’s take a look at Jingxunchangtong’s good things to share!

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

It adopts polarographic film-coated dissolved oxygen electrode, and the electronic unit is composed of high integrated circuits. The instrument adopts a liquid crystal display, which can realize the measured values ​​of dissolved oxygen, temperature, and salt content. It has many advantages, such as: 0~40℃, automatic temperature compensation, the temperature will have a certain influence on the measurement.

If the accuracy requirement is higher, the influence is greater, and temperature compensation can reduce this influence. High-definition large-screen display, large viewing angle, clear writing, and moderate character size. It can clearly respond to the use of backlight and high-light daytime environment, quickly check the value, and the data is accurate. Large storage, data export function, fast response, easy to carry.

Portable water quality parameter rapid measurement platform

A large-size full-color LCD screen is used. The readings can be displayed in real time, and the detection circuit designed by the digital chip of an international manufacturer is used. Can achieve very high sensitivity and excellent repeatability. The shell adopts industrial-specific high-strength composite plastic, which has high strength and good hand feeling.

It has the advantages of plug and test, data display, rich display interface, and large-capacity storage. One-key export of data, diversified key functions, small zero drift and good repeatability. Low power consumption, long life, high sensitivity and fast response speed. Convenient and fast, the product has undergone a variety of tests and has strong anti-interference ability.

portable water quality analyzers
portable water quality analyzers
Water quality multifunctional ion detector (multifunctional ion meter)

Its principle is based on the potential analysis method. The essence of the potential analysis method is to analyze and determine the potential difference between the two electrodes under the condition of zero current (that is, the electromotive force of the primary battery drawn from the sample solution to be tested). Methods. The ion meter must be used in conjunction with the ion selective electrode, which is an electrochemical sensitive element. It is an indicator electrode for measuring the activity of some specific ions in the solution by the potentiometric method. It can convert the change of non-electrical ion activity into a change of potential. The advantages of being less affected by environmental factors, automatic temperature compensation, automatic temperature compensation, and AAA battery power supply make it popular.

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