The role of soil moisture sensor meter in plant growth


The moisture content of soil plays an important role in agricultural production. Soil moisture directly affects the nutrient absorption efficiency of plant roots. It is related to the selection of timing and measures for production activities such as spring planting, fertilization, and drought resistance. In order for plants to grow healthily, we need to keep soil moisture at an appropriate level. To ensure that the plants are in a good growing environment. The soil moisture sensor meter is mainly used to measure the soil moisture content.


In agricultural production, the growth of fruits, vegetables, flowers and other plants is affected by soil moisture. Taking fruit trees as an example, the impact of water on fruit trees is reflected in various growth stages. Before fruit trees germinate, fruit trees need more water; during the flowering period, fruit trees have stricter water requirements. Too much or too little watering can cause flowers to fall. Fruit falls; when new shoots grow, the fruit tree needs the most water. It can be seen that in agricultural production, it is very important to monitor soil water content.


The soil moisture sensor meter is also called a soil moisture sensor using a low-power, high-sensitivity chip. A new generation of FDR measurement methods in the world. The accuracy can reach within 3%. Real-time monitoring of soil moisture. The soil moisture sensor will not drift over time. Greatly enhance product stability and extend service life.

soil moisture sensor meter
soil moisture sensor meter

Use soil moisture sensors in agricultural irrigation. The dynamic absorption and consumption of water by crops and roots can be grasped in real time. The specific depth of the crop root system in the soil layer. Use soil moisture sensor to record and generate soil moisture curve. It can visually and quantitatively display the changes in the water content of different soil layers in the soil over time. And then formulate the start time of irrigation, irrigation time, upper limit of irrigation volume, irrigation depth, and lower limit of soil water content of farmland irrigation. And other key factors. Let the crop live in a soil environment that makes the crop really comfortable. Increase the yield of crops.

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