Detection principle of 4 gas monitor

What is a 4 gas monitor

The 4 gas monitor is a composite portable gas detector. The so-called four-in-one gas detector is a gas detector that can detect four gases at the same time. When in use, only one gas detector can detect four types of gases in the environment at the same time. It is no longer necessary to need four instruments to detect at the same time. This type of gas detector is now more and more popular with users.

The detection principle of the four-in-one gas detector

The four-in-one gas detector can be used in various environments and scenarios where various toxic gases may be generated. The method of use is to open the instrument and use it, and it can also detect the concentration of various gases in the environment. The detection principle of the four-in-one gas detector is to install a gas sensor in the gas detector. Each gas has a gas sensor for detection. It mainly detects various gases and their concentrations through various gas sensors. And transmit the gas concentration to the gas detector for processing. If the concentration exceeds the limit, an alarm will be issued.

4 gas monitorr needs to be calibrated

There are many kinds of sensors used in the four-in-one gas detector. When detecting different gases, the sensors used are different. No matter what principle sensor is used, it is detected by relative comparison method. When the working time of the gas detector becomes longer, it will be affected by the loss of the sensor itself, the use environment or the interfering gas. Its accuracy is bound to decline, at this time, in order to ensure the accuracy of the gas detector. It is very necessary to test and calibrate the gas detector.

In order to ensure that the error of the instrument’s test results does not exceed the normal range, frequent calibration is also necessary. Just like our watches, we will often calibrate with the standard time to ensure the accuracy of the time displayed by the watch. For gas detectors whose detection results involve the safety of personnel, accuracy is even more important.

4 gas monitor
4 gas monitor

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