Introduction and use method of water quality COD probe sensor

1.1 Product overview

The water quality COD probe sensor is a standard industrial output type COD concentration measuring instrument. It has high precision, good stability and simple use, and can be widely used in various industries. Industrial wastewater, urban wastewater, domestic wastewater, surface water and wastewater detection in rivers and lakes.

Whether the product is in terms of stability, accuracy, or measurement range. Practicality has been greatly improved. It can be adapted to the various needs of different users, with multiple functions and national patents.

It can be used in the monitoring application of industrial sewage and various domestic sewage and sewage such as chemical industry, petroleum, coking, papermaking, metallurgy, brewing, medicine and so on.

1.2 Features

The output signal of the water quality COD probe sensor is stable and high precision. It has a wide measurement range, high stability, convenient use, easy installation, and long transmission distance. And increase the turbidity compensation function to automatically compensate for the turbidity in the water.


(1) Please be careful not to connect the wrong wiring sequence, the wrong wiring will cause the equipment to fail to operate normally or to burn the equipment.

(2) The sensor should avoid contact with organic solvents, alcohol, paint, oil and high-concentration gases, including silica gel and other adhesives.

(3) The factory default provides 4.8 meters long wire, customers can extend the wire as needed or wire in order.

(4) The turbidity concentration of COD water body cannot exceed 100NTU. If it exceeds, full scale +1 will be displayed. If the turbidity of the water body does not exceed 100NTU, only the full scale will be displayed when the COD is full scale.

(5) The device needs half a minute of corresponding time when it is just started (the COD and turbidity values ​​need to be collected)

(6) The product should be placed in a dark environment during use, and avoid direct sunlight.

(7) The measuring window of the product probe should be placed facing north to ensure that the equipment can measure the COd concentration of the water body more accurately.

(8) There is no yellow line in the line sequence that may be provided in some factory batches. At this time, the gray line is equivalent to replace the yellow line.

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