Liquid level sensor introduction

Introduction to liquid level sensor:

Input type liquid level sensor based on the measured hydrostatic principle of proportional to the height of the liquid, the use of advanced isolation of diffused silicon sensor sensitive or ceramic capacitance pressure sensor, the static pressure is converted to electrical signals, after temperature compensation and the linear correction, converted into a standard electrical signals of a measuring the pressure of liquid level sensor, It can also be called “static pressure level meter, input level meter, level transmitter, water level sensor”

The sensor part of the input level sensor can be directly injected into the liquid. The transmitter part can be fixed with flange or bracket. Easy to install and use. It can be directly put into the container or water body to accurately measure the height from the end of the water level meter to the water surface, and output the water level value through 4-20mA current or RS485 signal.It is an important instrument used in water quality monitoring.

liquid level sensor
Product features:

304 stainless steel shell – thick shell, corrosion resistant long life, adapt to a variety of working conditions. 304 stainless steel as a widely used steel, has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties; Stamping, bending and other good thermal processing, corrosion resistance in the atmosphere;

Intelligent circuit – anti-interference, good stability to ensure the correct transmission of signals. Rectangular circuit board design, can be good in the circuit board regular wiring, installation circuit components. Can effectively use limited space heat dissipation, ensure the stability of circuit components, anti-interference and service life;

A variety of output modes — support 4-20mA(default), RS485(optional), NB-iot can be customized as required.

45° bevel pressure hole — 45° section design, effectively reduce the wear of impurities at the bottom of the liquid to the shell, can let the liquid bottom pressure smoothly into the pressure hole. Stamping resistant design pressure hole, diameter 3MM, anti-clogging, four-hole multi-directional pressure sensing;

Laser marking – strength manufacturers, all use laser marking, can imprint the sensor information on the surface of the shell for a long time, will not fall off. In order to save costs, small guangjia uses self-adhesive stickers. Long-term liquid immersion will discolor and fall off and lose sensor information, so it rejects self-adhesive stickers.

Waterproof PVC lead – this sensor uses polymer PVC waterproof lead. Material thick wear resistance, aging resistance, long life;

Air guide design – special tips: air guide and shielding parts do not immerse in water, outdoor installation can be pulled into a semicircle air guide vertical downward. Do not plug the hole with adhesive tape when extending the signal line. The water level will rise or fall when plugging the hole, and the value of the instrument will not change with the change of the water level.

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