The role of combustible gas alarm


The combustible gas alarm is a sensor that detects combustible gas. When a flammable gas leak occurs in the industrial environment and daily life environment (such as kitchens that use natural gas). When the combustible gas sensor detects that the concentration of combustible gas reaches the alarm value set by the alarm. The combustible gas sensor will sound and light up the alarm signal. Remind to take safety measures such as evacuation, forced ventilation, and shutdown of equipment. In addition, the gas alarm can be linked with related linkage equipment. Such as leakage in factory production, storage and transportation, etc. It can also drive exhaust, power off, spray and other systems. Prevent explosion, fire, and poisoning accidents. So as to ensure safe production. The combustible gas sensor is often used in places where combustible gas is used or produced in chemical plants, petroleum, gas stations, and steel plants.

combustible gas alarm
combustible gas alarm

Jingxun Changtong combustible gas sensor adopts professional imported combustible gas sensor probe as the core detection device. According to the international high-sensitivity probe brand blessing, the detection is more accurate and the life span is guaranteed. Cast aluminum explosion-proof housing, the probe is placed in a special metal probe compartment. The electrical part is isolated from the probe. It is a high-intelligence explosion-proof gas alarm with stable performance, long-lasting durability, and a wide range of applications.

Product features: wide measuring range and high precision. Good linearity and versatility. Easy to use and easy to install. Long transmission distance.Jingxun Changtong explosion-proof oxygen sensor is specially developed for some harsh environments. Cast aluminum explosion-proof enclosure. The probe is placed in a special metal probe compartment. The electrical part is isolated from the probe. The professional test oxygen concentration sensor probe is used as the core detection device. It has a wide measuring range, high precision, good linearity and good versatility. Easy to use, easy to install, long transmission distance, moderate price and other characteristics.

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