The importance of soil water sensor

What is a soil moisture monitoring system

The soil moisture monitoring system can realize long-term continuous monitoring of soil moisture (soil moisture). Users can flexibly arrange soil water sensor according to monitoring needs. They can also arrange sensors at different depths to measure the soil moisture in the profile. The system also provides additional expansion capabilities. Corresponding sensors can be added according to monitoring needs. Monitor soil temperature, soil conductivity, soil pH, groundwater level, and groundwater quality. And information such as temperature, air humidity, light intensity, wind speed and direction, rainfall, etc., to meet the needs of system function upgrades.

soil water sensor
soil water sensor
TThe role of soil moisture sensor

The soil moisture sensor is based on farmland, according to different planting methods and agricultural technology used. Set up monitoring stations in different ecological climate zones. Through fixed-point and regular measurement of meteorological factors such as soil moisture and precipitation, agricultural production management, crop appearance and other observation records. Timely understand the soil moisture status and effective soil moisture content of the active layer of crop roots.

One is to reflect the current water demand of crops and the status of soil water use. Understand whether crops are affected by insufficient soil moisture to plant or grow normally. In order to determine irrigation, fertilization and sowing; the second is to reflect atmospheric drought and soil drought. Understand the trend and degree of drought, and put forward drought warning and forecast. The third is to reflect the regulatory effects of different agricultural technologies on the storage, preservation and utilization of soil moisture and the impact on crops. It is the scientific popularization and application of water-saving agricultural technology.

The accumulation of soil moisture monitoring data through long-term positioning for many years. Grasp the law of soil moisture changes in different regions, different soil types, and different technical model application conditions. Combined with local meteorological and hydrological data analysis. Improve the regional soil moisture classification and early warning system. Explore the prediction and forecast of soil moisture changes. volume_upcontent_copyshare

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