UV ozone module – O3 gas sensor


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UV O3 gas sensor

UV O3 gas sensor is an ozone sensor that uses the detection principle of ultraviolet absorption technology to detect the concentration of ozone gas.  sensor uses UV light source, UV analysis detector and high quality chip, accurate measurement data. Ozone gas sensor has the characteristics of long life, high precision and no oxygen dependence. Wide application areas, can be used in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, factories and other occasions.

O3 gas sensor

UV O3 gas sensor Features:

(1)Performance stability continuous monitoring

JX-O3-103 series is a kind of sensor which uses ultraviolet absorption technology to measure ozone (O3) content in air.

(2)UV light source / UV detector

UV O3 sensor module uses UV light source and UV detector to process the measurement and reference signals.

(3)No oxygen dependence

UV O3 sensor module uses high quality chip, accurate measurement, no oxygen dependence, low power consumption.Fearless of harsh environment.Even in harsh temperature and environmental conditions, stable and reliable measurement results can be obtained.

(4)Supporting secondary development

The product supports secondary development and can be customized without secondary calibration.

(5)Stainless steel polishing process

The product is made of stainless steel polishing process, stable performance, can be used in a variety of environments, waterproof and corrosion resistant.

UV O3 gas sensor Parameters

O3 Measurement range: 0-200PPM (default) /0-1000PPM

measurement resolution: 1PPM

Measurement accuracy: 0.1PPM (default) /0.5PPM

Response time: <30S (25°C)

Preheating time: <5MIN (25°C)

Accuracy: <10MIN (25°C)

Operating voltage: 9-24V DC

Average power consumption: <50MA

Operating humidity: 0~95%RH(non-condensation)

Operating temperature: -10~60°C

Storage temperature: -20~70°C

O3 sensor

Detection principle:

The ultraviolet radiation emitted by the ultraviolet light source is absorbed by the gas to be measured at a fixed concentration, and the spectral intensity proportional to the gas concentration will change, so the change of spectral light intensity can be calculated to reflect the concentration of the gas to be measured. Uv-o3 sensor module adopts the detection principle of ultraviolet absorption technology, and combines advanced optical path, precision circuit and intelligent software to form a universal UV-O3 sensor module.


Why do we need to detect ozone?

Ozone is a well-known gas. Ozone is often present in the atmosphere, helping to filter harmful rays from the sun and allowing the earth’s organisms to thrive. In the medical field, ozone can also be used for disinfection. In the state of pure ozone, it can carry out effective disinfection and sterilization, but it must be cleaned up afterward to avoid pollution. Inhalation of ozone in a small amount is beneficial to the human body, but a large amount of inhalation will be harmful to the human body and will be chemically converted into VOC pollutants at a specific temperature. Ozone treatment and detection have also become one of the key tests of environmental protection.

What is an o3 sensor?

An o3 sensor is an electronic device used to monitor the concentration of ozone in the air. The built-in ozone detection module converts the ozone concentration into an electrical signal and outputs it.

What types of ozone sensors are there?

According to different places of use, our company provides four kinds of ozone sensors: home ozone monitor, portable ozone detector, duct type ozone detector, and fixed ozone detector.

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