Portable ammonia detector – NH3 gas detector


Portable Ammonia Detector Introduction

Portable ammonia detector is a portable gas detector designed by using the latest digital integrated circuit technology and international gas sensitive detection technology. The NH3 gas detector is suitable for the detection of ammonia concentration in various industrial environments and special environments. Widely used in petrochemical, environmental protection, metallurgy, mining, agriculture, experiment, mapping and other industries. Portable ammonia detector adopts natural diffusion method to detect the gas. The detection circuit designed by the digital chip of the international big factory can achieve very high sensitivity and excellent repeatability.

Portable Ammonia Detector

Portable Ammonia Detector Features

1, high quality sensor, highly sensitive probe

Responsive, fast response, accurate measurement.

2. Mechanical principle, humanized design

Anti-slip design based on the principle of human mechanics, let us ensure the sensitivity and accuracy of the product under the premise of strengthening the comfort of the human body, so that the product in line with human operating habits.

3. 200,000 pieces of data storage/Large capacity

One key export/quick and convenient, can enter the menu to view, can browse/delete records.

4, lithium battery power supply lasting

Rechargeable lithium battery, large battery capacity, long standby time, support for mobile power supply.

5, multiple alarm function over the limit

When the detected gas is more than the set gas value, the sensor opens the light alarm, high decibel buzzes, the instrument is marked red, timely reminder, high safety.

Portable Ammonia Detector Parameters

Detection gas: ammonia gas

Detection range: 0-100ppm

Default Alarm point: 20ppm

Charging time: ≤8H (standard)

Display error: ≤ soil 3%F.S

Explosion-proof mark: EXIA II CT6

Recovery time: ≤30S

Protection level: IP65

Response time: T90<30s

Linearity: ≤ sh 2

Repeatability: ≤ soil 2

Power supply: 3.6V DC, 1500mAh (standard) lithium battery

NH3 Gas Detector


Easy to handle a variety of application environment, suitable for gas storage leakage monitoring, food factory, greenhouse detection, workshop disinfection residue detection, gas leakage, indoor air gas detection.


Where should the nh3 sensor location?

The ammonia sensor should be installed in a place where the gas is easy to leak, and it is determined according to the specific gravity of the detected gas relative to the air.

When the specific gravity of the detected gas is greater than the specific gravity of air, the sensor should be installed (30-60) cm away from the ground with the ammonia alarm position facing downwards.

What are the types of ammonia sensors?

Our company provides three types of NH3 gas sensors according to the different places where customers use them: wall-mounted ammonia sensors, portable ammonia detectors, and fixed ammonia alarms.

Are you a manufacturer? Do you provide customized services?

Yes, we are professional sensor manufacturers and have been engaged in the production and sales of gas detectors for 7 years. We can provide customized services. We have a professional R&D team.


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