Illumination Sensor-Analog Illuminance Meter


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Illumination Sensor

Illumination sensor is a weather sensor used to measure light intensity outdoors. The illuminance sensor uses a wall-mounted waterproof housing. There are two ranges: 0-65,535 lux and 0-20 million lux. We provide sun sensor and temperature, humidity, sun sensor three in one.

Illuminaion sensor features

1. High-precision illuminance detection measuring range 0-60000 Lux, 0-200000 Lux optional.

2.4-20mA/0-10V/0-5V/RS485 multiple output signals are optional.

3. IP65 high protection level, can be used in an outdoor or harsh on-site environment.

4.10-30V DC wide voltage power supply.

5. We offer many types of solar light sensors for different applications. Some light sensors can integrate many other modules to measure many elements.

Illumination sensor datasheets

Power supply: 12-24VDC
Accuracy: ±5%(25℃)
Measure range: 0-65535Lux, 0-20WLux
Long-term stability: ≤5%/y
Response time: 0.1s
Output signal: RS485/0-5v/0-10v/4-20ma

Illumination sensor Illuminance Sensor Illuminance Sensor


Why do we need to measure light?

Sunlight is of great significance to agriculture, especially in water-scarce areas. Different crops require different amounts of sunlight, so it is important to know which land is most exposed. As the water supply in many areas is becoming tighter and tighter, farmers have financial and social obligations to limit water consumption while maintaining the hydration of crops. One strategy adopted is to water the crops in the afternoon or evening to prevent the soil and plants from being scorched by the sun before they absorb the water. You can use the light sensor to automatically manage the sprinkler system and only water when the sun is not the brightest. When combined with other weather monitoring equipment to collect data about temperature, pressure, and humidity, the system can not only water in dim sunlight but also intelligently detect upcoming rain or clouds to optimize its watering schedule.

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