Rain Sensor – Tipping Bucket Rain Sensor



Product Description:

Rain sensors are used to monitor rainfall. Support RS485, Lora, 4G, pulse output and other output methods. Accurate measurement, high shell density, sealed waterproof strip, small calibration probe error, and strong anti-interference ability.


(1)ABS, stainless steel two shells are available
The rain socket is made of stainless steel with high density, small error caused by stagnant water and accurate measurement. Stainless steel shell, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, durable.
The rain socket is made of ABS engineering plastic with high finish and small error caused by stagnant water. ABS shell, mechanical bistable structure, four core waterproof cable.
(2)Support active data reporting, accurate measurement, free cloud platform, high sensitive probe;
(3)Strong anti-interference ability, low power consumption products, a variety of transmission signals.

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