Why soil conductivity sensor is important in agriculture

At present, the field soil EC value is mainly measured by a digital display soil EC meter. The principle adopts a special metal material as the sensor. To realize the rapid determination of EC value of soil, etc. High concentrations of soluble salts can damage plants or cause plant roots to die. Soil conductivity sensor can improve this situation.

Soil water detector – How to use soil moisture monitoring

Less soil moisture will directly lead to the reduction of photosynthetic raw materials. Or indirectly lead to the closure of stomata and enzyme inactivation. The decline in photosynthesis has become a major limiting factor for photosynthesis. Lack of water can also cause the death of crops. Because the total volume of the soil gap is constant, water and air occupy this part of the volume.

Water quality sensor make the plants grow better

Background In recent years, with the advancement of science and technology and the continuous development of the overall national economy. More and more chemical industries have emerged, which is not enough bringing economic benefits. Water quality sensor is not enough to the environment and causing great harm to the environment. One by one industrial parks …

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