CO2 sensor in HVAC system


The commonly used gas sensors in hVAC systems are O2 sensor and CO2 sensor.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are primarily used to monitor and regulate the environmental conditions of all types of property and almost all vehicles on the road within certain limits.

Although there may be obvious interrelationships between these three main functions, HVAC systems are multidisciplinary technologies that employ different operating principles.

For example, ventilation devices are mainly used to regulate the particle concentration and gas composition of indoor air based on continuous measurements using gas sensors with high accuracy and sensitivity.

Oxygen sensor and carbon dioxide sensor are commonly used in HVAC system.

CO2 sensor

The air in the outdoor environment is composed of about 21% O2 and 0.03% CO2, but the lack of indoor air circulation tends to bias the gas composition towards O2 depletion and CO2 enrichment.

Indoor air quality is a key factor affecting our health and well-being, and changes in the composition of gases in indoor air can be unpleasant and potentially dangerous.

Respiratory and lung irritation are relatively mild symptoms that can be more severe if an individual is exposed to poor quality air for a long time.


CO2 sensor are commonly used to measure air composition in ventilation units to monitor the performance of HVAC systems in offices and commercial buildings.

Indoor air quality concentrations with CO2 of >450 PPM can cause reduced activity, headaches and sleepiness, especially in work environments.

The infrared CO2 sensor is one of a series of CO2 gas sensors that has an extensive measurement range and can quickly detect CO2 at concentration levels up to 100%.

These products demonstrate superior performance in HVAC quality control (QC) and performance monitoring and are suitable for frequent terminal applications.


1.High-density material shell, wall mounting, easy installation

2.Detachable probe to easily pass through a small hole with a diameter of 0.6cm

3.External waterproof probe

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