gas detector drager


gas detector drager. Compound gas detector. The main function is the simultaneous detection of multiple gases. It is compared with a single gas detection device. Various gases can be detected according to the number of sensors. Commonly used composite gas detector. Most of them are standard four-in-one instruments. The so-called standard four-in-one test. The gases are oxygen, combustible, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon monoxide. The following recommends a four-in-one gas detector. Jingxun Unblocked Composite Gas Detector

gas detector drager
gas detector drager
Compound gas detector:

This instrument is developed by Jingxunchangtong. The button operation is simple and convenient to use. The value adopts liquid crystal display with back light. It is convenient to watch the instrument value in a dark environment. The instrument buzzer vibrates to alarm. When the gas reaches or exceeds the warning value, it will automatically alarm. The failure of the instrument itself will also alert the user. The instrument can be charged. Having said that, let’s talk about the internal parameters of the instrument. In addition, the instrument adopts the detection principle of heat conduction/catalytic combustion. The principle of the original battery. The sampling method of the instrument is pump-suction sampling. Can detect narrow areas. Rugged and durable design. Can adapt to harsh conditions.

In addition, the Jingxun Changtong single gas detector can be easily operated even under extreme conditions. It can withstand temperatures from minus 40 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius. And a pressure of 700 to 1,300 millibars. It depends on the sensor.

The filter membrane protects the sensor from impurities such as dust and liquids. The shell is shockproof and chemically resistant. Meets the requirements specified in the IP68 standard rating.

If the detector measures the concentration of dangerous gases. An audible and visual alarm will be issued. Plus a perceptible vibration alarm. There is a bright and flashing LED light on the top and bottom of the device. Make sure that the alarm is easy to see from all directions. The sound signal reaches a volume of 90 decibels. The display screen can display the measured concentration at any time. You can retrieve earlier alarms later.

In addition to the standard alarm threshold setting, the Pac 6500 equipped with an oxygen sensor can also set two additional alarm thresholds.

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