Industrial online conductivity meter sensor for water quality monitoring

water conductivity sensor overview

Water conductivity (EC) can often represent the cleanliness of a pool of water. It can be used to judge the water quality of basic aquaculture. More professional data can be obtained by measuring the conductivity. The conductivity will fluctuate according to temperature changes. sensor for water quality monitoring The water quality conductivity meter has an automatic temperature compensation function. Can provide you with more accurate data support.

What is so good about the water conductivity sensor?

What is so good about the water conductivity sensor? Accurately detect the conductivity index in the liquid. The appearance of the two products is controlled to meet the needs of various uses. Free cloud platform, more convenient online operation and other functions.

Functional advantages:

Jingxuntong—Industrial online conductivity meter uses high-performance and high-precision electrodes. The response is more sensitive and the measurement data is more accurate. It can provide more accurate data support for scientific research. At the same time, the imported components are endorsed by big brands. The service life is guaranteed, giving customers more peace of mind.

Application of water conductivity meter:

One instrument has multiple uses. It plays an important role in various industries-sewage treatment, desulfurization and denitrification, metallurgy, aquaculture, biopharmaceuticals, chemical fertilizers, food, tap water, etc.

The role of the sewage treatment station is to treat production and domestic sewage. Reaching the prescribed emission standards is an important facility to protect the environment. Sewage treatment stations in industrially developed countries are already very common, but there are very few sewage treatment stations in villages and towns in our country. But it will gradually increase in the future. To make these sewage treatment stations really play a role. It also needs to rely on a strict emission system, organization and management system to ensure.

sensor for water quality monitoring
sensor for water quality monitoring

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