Pm 2.5 detector provides data support for environmental governance

Particulate matter sensors are widely used in the production of industrial and mining enterprises

pm 2.5 detector can effectively monitor dust. Dust is a variety of production processes produced in the production process of industrial and mining enterprises. Such as drilling, blasting, excavation and cutting, topping coal, construction, cement production, open-pit mining stripping, crushing, mineral processing and screening. This not only endangers human health, but also causes occupational diseases. It will also accelerate mechanical wear and shorten the service life of precision instruments. What’s more frightening is that it is explosive under certain conditions. In order to protect the health and life safety of workers, it is necessary to detect and control productive dust. This requires the installation of corresponding PM2.5 sensors in the working environment to detect the environment. Make sure not to inhale excessive dust.

PM 2.5 detector principle

The particle sensor uses the principle of optical scattering. Through the conversion of the light path and the circuit, the dust concentration in the detection range is measured. It can operate stably under high dust concentration. Provide timely and accurate concentration data. Real-time and accurate detection of the concentration of particulate matter in the atmospheric environment. Provide scientific and accurate data for air quality testing. Effectively avoid pollution caused by excessively high particulate matter concentration and strengthen environmental protection. To protect the blue sky and white clouds and realize environmental governance.


Application fields of PM2.5 dust sensor: air purifier, air conditioner with purification function. Range hood, smoke alarm, fresh air system. Dedicated PM2.5 sensors, air detectors, wearable devices, etc., can be used in many aspects of life.The particle detection environment is mainly in construction sites and coal mines. Industrial parks, communities, etc., through the installation of particulate matter monitoring equipment on the construction site. Real-time monitoring of changes in the concentration of particulate matter in the area. However, it is more convenient for some remote areas to support wireless network environment detectors. The stability and reliability of data transmission are more guaranteed.

pm 2.5 detector
pm 2.5 detector

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