the water quality monitoring system architecture

The water quality monitoring system is used to monitor the river. Surface water quality systems such as lakes. The water quality status can be monitored in real time through this system. Can provide online data query and statistical analysis. Automatic warning of excessive water quality. Comprehensive analysis of water quality and other functions. It can provide data analysis and decision-making basis for the monitoring and management of water quality of rivers and lakes. And provide rich data support for river governance and environmental protection law enforcement.

Environmental control and measurement sensor layer.

Customers can select sensors according to the environmental protection objects that need to be collected and controlled on site. like:

Dissolved oxygen sensor (with temperature), pH sensor. Conductivity sensor, turbidity sensor. Ammonia nitrogen analyzer, TOC, etc. Then carry out on-site construction and assembly.

Environmental data collection.

The site engineering can be determined according to the sensor. Select to collect dissolved oxygen sensor (with temperature). pH sensor. Conductivity sensor, etc. 4 Pt input and 2 digital output module based on GPRS communication. Can collect temperature and humidity sensors. Sensor power supply. One-way gateway module based on GPRS communication. The sensor can be controlled to supply power.

the water quality monitoring system
the water quality monitoring system
Environmental data communication network layer.

The communication network layer is responsible for transmitting the collected environmental data to the cloud platform by various network methods. At the same time, it will transfer and control field equipment according to the instructions of the cloud platform. So as to collect and control all the sensing layer sensors. Network communication methods are: wired Ethernet. 2G/GPRS, 3G, 4G, 5G, NB-IOT, etc.

If the on-site acquisition control terminal does not need display function or human-computer interactive input function. Directly use Jingxun Changtong Smart Cloud Gateway products. Jingxunchangtong’s gateway has been installed for non-wireless collection products of Jingxunchangtong specifically for environmental water pollution. Or the data intelligent communication converter introduced by other manufacturers’ collectors has been installed. Send the collected data on site to the cloud server. It has strong versatility and can be connected to a dissolved oxygen sensor (with temperature). pH sensor, conductivity sensor, turbidity sensor. Ammonia nitrogen analyzer, TOC, etc. With breakpoint resume function. Ensure data integrity.

Environment online monitoring cloud platform layer.

The cloud platform layer is the basic platform of the application layer. It is the interface between the environment online monitoring IoT system and the user. Environmental online monitoring cloud platform. It can be based on the number of monitoring points and the sensors of the monitoring points. Flexible configuration or customization of real-time screens and historical data screens. Report, statistical analysis. Real-time alarm and maintenance reminder. At the same time, the alarm or over-standard information can be pushed to the relevant person’s mobile phone text message or mobile phone WeChat.

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