How much do you know about the portable dissolved oxygen meter for water quality?

What is DO (dissolved oxygen)?

Molecular oxygen in the air dissolved in water. The content of dissolved oxygen in the water is closely related to the partial pressure of oxygen in the air and the temperature of the water. Under natural conditions, the oxygen content in the air does not change much. Therefore, water temperature is the main factor. The lower the water temperature, the higher the content of dissolved oxygen in the water. The molecular oxygen dissolved in water is called dissolved oxygen and is usually denoted as DO. Expressed in milligrams of oxygen per liter of water. The amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is an index to measure the self-purification ability of the water body. The portable dissolved oxygen sensor is a water quality monitoring sensor. It can detect the dissolved oxygen content in the water.

Why measure dissolved oxygen?

The content of dissolved oxygen in water has an impact on the economy. For example, too high or too low dissolved oxygen in aquaculture ponds will cause death or reduction of aquatic products. The dissolved oxygen in the sewage tank (exposure tank) will help the sewage treatment. If it is too low, the effect will be weakened, and if it is too high, energy will be wasted.

Application scenarios of portable dissolved oxygen meter:

It is widely used in aquaculture and biological reactions. Environmental testing, wastewater treatment. Petrochemical, metallurgical electronics. Laboratory field, scientific research and biological fermentation. Medical field; food and beverage; environmental protection tax treatment and many other fields.

Jingxun Unblocked-Portable Dissolved Oxygen Function and Features:

0~40℃, automatic temperature compensation. The temperature will have a certain influence on the measurement. If the accuracy requirements are higher, the impact will be greater. Temperature compensation can reduce this effect.
High-definition large-screen display, large viewing angle, clear writing, and moderate character size. It can clearly cope with the use of backlight and bright daylight environment. Quickly view the value, and the data is accurate.
Large storage, data export function. Quick response and easy to carry.

water quality monitoring sensor
water quality monitoring sensor

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