Rain sensor instrument used to measure rainfall

Product Introduction

The tipping bucket rainfall sensor is an instrument used to measure rainfall independently developed by Jingxunchangtong. The product is made of high-density ABS engineering plastic or high-density stainless steel. It is mostly used for monitoring and measuring the precipitation in nature. At the same time, the precipitation is converted into digital information output in the form of a switch. Meet the needs of information transmission, processing, recording and display. The Jingxun Changtong rain sensor supports multiple output methods such as pulse, RS485, 4G, Ethernet, NB-iot, LoRa and so on. It is suitable for various occasions such as weather station, environmental monitoring, marine hydrology, flood prevention and so on.

working principle

Rainwater in nature first collected by the water receiving port. After the upper cylinder (funnel), it is injected into the metering tipping bucket-usually the partition is divided into two triangular compartments of equal volume. It is a mechanical bistable structure. When one chamber receives water, the other chamber is in a waiting state. When the volume of rainwater reaches a predetermined value (depending on the range). Due to gravity, he overturned and was in a waiting state, and the other chamber was in a state of receiving water. When the water receiving volume reaches a predetermined value, it overturns by itself and is in a waiting state.

Magnetic steel is installed on the side wall of the tipping bucket, which scans from the side of the dry reed tube when the tipping bucket flips. Make the dry reed switch on and off. That is, every time the tipping bucket is overturned, the dry reed pipe is turned on and sends out a switch signal (pulse signal). Monitoring data can be uploaded to the Jingxun cloud platform, and data records can be viewed in real time.

Advantages of instrument used to measure rainfall:

Good linearity, long transmission distance and strong anti-interference ability. Using sealed waterproof strip, calibration probe error is small. The rain sensor funnel is designed with a mesh to prevent leaves and other debris from blocking the rain from flowing down. The tipping bucket component support system is well-manufactured and has a small frictional moment. Therefore, the tipping bucket components are sensitive to flip, stable performance, and reliable work. The stainless steel shell is corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant, durable, and has high finish. Each material has its own advantages.

instrument used to measure rainfall
instrument used to measure rainfall

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