instrument to measure rainfall


Rainfall is closely related to the growth and development of crops. It can be said that the monitoring of rainfallS is very important. instrument to measure rainfall RainfallS monitor can accurately record the environmental monitoring instrumentS in rainfall. Through this instrument, people can obtain rainfall data remotely. And can be judged according to the local environmental weather. The future rainfall situation. So as to arrange reasonable agricultural events.   

Monitor rainfall changes in time. The effect on people’s production and life is extremely obvious. Ordinary rainfall monitoring instruments simply cannot achieve the effect of timely monitoring. Using rain gauges and rain gauges to monitor and instrument to measure rainfall record rainfall is cumbersome. It lags behind again, and the error is large. Based on this, after continuous exploration, the monitoring technology is innovated. Invented a variety of rain monitoring equipment and systems.   

Rainfall Monitoring Station is a modern rainfall monitoring station based on the Internet of Things. It consists of a rain sensor (rain gauge), a data transmission device, and a battery. Composed of solar panels, brackets, etc., the device can send rainfall data in the form of wireless remote transmission. The data can be sent to the monitoring platform wirelessly and remotely. Log in to the IoT platform to view real-time data and historical records. Automatic statistics of rainfall data. Automatically calculate the cumulative rainfall every N minutes. It will restart counting every N minutes. And automatically accumulate the current rainfall, daily rainfall, weekly rainfall, monthly rainfall, annual rainfall and other data. Multiple pieces of data can be copied directly to the EXCEL table.

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