Food factory water quality online PH monitoring instrument

The importance of online water quality monitoring equipment:

In recent years, with the acceleration of the process of industrialization and the continuous improvement of the degree of urbanization. The increasingly serious water pollution has aggravated the shortage of water resources in our country. Protecting water resources and monitoring sewage discharge have become one of the key issues for sustainable development. Online automatic monitoring of water quality enables real-time and continuous monitoring of the discharge of pollution sources. Online water quality monitoring is a monitoring technology that has developed rapidly in recent years. It is of great significance to control the total amount of pollutants and improve environmental management capabilities.

On-line PH monitoring equipment for water quality in food plants:

The PH tester is widely used in thermal power, chemical fertilizers, metallurgy, and environmental protection. Continuous monitoring of PH value and water temperature in solutions of pharmaceutical, biochemical, food and tap water. The monitoring data is connected to the recorder through the transmission output to realize remote monitoring and recording. It can also be connected to the RS485 interface through the MODBUS-RTU protocol, which can be easily connected to the computer for monitoring and recording. At the same time, the device has 2 relay interfaces, which can set the alarm point output.

An important part of the water pH sensor. The probe adopts high-performance PH glass electrode, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance. It is highly adaptable and can be applied to monitor the water quality of food factories. The monitoring instrument has a long life and is easy to maintain. It can monitor online and perform real-time data transmission.

Online water quality monitoring
Online water quality monitoring
Significance of PH monitoring of water quality in food plants:

The quality of wastewater produced in the production process of food factories varies greatly. The hazard to the environment is serious, and online water quality monitoring is carried out to accurately and timely reflect the water quality status. Provide scientific basis for water environment management, pollution source control, environmental planning, etc. Contribute to the entire water environmental protection and water pollution cause.

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