Features of gas detector pid sensor


gas detector pid PhotoIonization Detector (PID for short). It is a detector with extremely high sensitivity and a wide range of applications. It can detect volatile organic compounds (Volatile Organic Compounds, referred to as VOC) from very low concentrations of 1000 ppb to higher concentrations of 2000 ppm. Compared with traditional detection methods, it has important advantages such as portability, small size, high accuracy (ppm level), high resolution, fast response, continuous testing, real-time performance, and high security. The gas detector pid photoionization sensor is composed of a vacuum ultraviolet lamp, a high-sensitivity low-noise detection circuit and a miniature ionization chamber.

The photoionization detection principle is used to measure the volatile organic compound sample gas in the air exposed to ultraviolet light radiation and ionized to generate charged ions. The positive and negative electrodes of the PID attract ions to generate a current proportional to the VOC concentration. Can be measured and used to determine gas concentration.


Can detect a variety of VOC gases. It has a linear relationship with the detection gas concentration, and the output signal is an analog voltage. The UV lamp has a long service life. Internal linear voltage regulator circuit provides stable signal output

Scope of application

In the fields of petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial production. There are a large number of volatile organic compounds, the main components of which are hydrocarbons. Oxygen hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, nitrogen hydrocarbons and sulfur hydrocarbons. The photoion sensor can be used for detection. In the industrial field, there are hidden dangers of excessive hazardous substances. Most of these hazardous substances are VOCs. In the production and transportation management of flammable and explosive materials. Leakage of chemical materials, heat exchange fluid. Industrial hygiene, indoor air quality. Environmental protection, confined space entry, and emergency accident detection have all been widely used.

gas detector pid
gas detector pid

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