Chlorophyll sensor under water quality monitoring system

Water quality monitoring environment:

Water quality environmental monitoring is the basis for rational use of water resources and protection of water resources. It is a strategic element directly related to people’s health. It is an important measure to implement sustainable development. Global water pollution is getting worse. Environmental monitoring of water quality is also receiving more and more attention. However, due to changes in the environment, climate, and water quality. Especially the online monitoring of rivers and lakes has become more difficult. The water quality monitoring system can automatically clean the chlorophyll sensor to make water quality monitoring more accurate.

Chlorophyll sensor features:

The water chlorophyll meter has high-efficiency power management, sturdy structure, and stable sensor performance. It is free from maintenance and frequent calibration, and can be used online for a long time. It can be used for research, investigation and monitoring of rivers, lakes, ponds, marine surveys, aquaculture, drinking water sources, algae and phytoplankton conditions. The water body chlorophyll measuring instrument has stable output signal and high precision.

It has a wide measuring range, high stability and easy to use. Features such as easy installation and long transmission distance.The cyanobacteria/chlorophyll in the water of the chlorophyll detector absorbs the energy of the monochromatic light. Releases monochromatic light of another wavelength. The light intensity emitted by blue-green algae/chlorophyll is directly proportional to the content of blue-green algae in the water. Optimized for excellent sensitivity for monitoring algae populations at the natural level. Provide early warning for algal bloom conditions. The integrated wiping system can provide anti-fouling function in the harshest environments.


The chlorophyll blue-green algae water quality detector can be widely used in the field water quality monitoring of blue-green algae/chlorophyll in aquaculture, surface water, scientific research universities and other industries and fields to ensure the quality of the water environment. Monitoring the content of chlorophyll/blue-green algae in the water quality monitoring system plays an important role.

water quality monitoring system
water quality monitoring system

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