Drop-in level gauge


The drop-in level gauge is based on principle that measured hydrostatic pressure is proportional to the height of liquid. It is made of advanced isolation diffused silicon sensitive components or ceramic capacitive pressure sensitive sensors. The static pressure is converted into an electrical signal, and then subjected to temperature compensation and linearity correction. A pressure sensor that is converted into a standard electrical signal (usually 4-20mA/1~5VDC) to measure liquid level. It can also be called “static pressure level gauge, level transmitter, level sensor, water level sensor“.

The drop-in level gauge part of the throw-in hydrostatic level transmitter can be directly thrown into the liquid. The transmitter part can be fixed by flange or bracket, which is very convenient to install and use. The height from the end of the water level gauge to the water surface can be accurately measured by directly putting it into the container or water body. And the water level value is output externally through 4-20mA current or RS485 signal.

The drop-in level gauge
The drop-in level gauge

304 stainless steel shell-thick shell, anti-corrosion and long life, adapt to a variety of working conditions. As a widely used steel, 304 stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties. Good hot workability for stamping, bending, etc., corrosion resistance in the atmosphere;

Intelligent circuit-anti-interference, good stability, to ensure correct signal transmission. Rectangular circuit board design can be used for regular wiring and installation of circuit components on the circuit board. Effective use of limited space for heat dissipation, ensuring the stability, anti-interference and service life of circuit components;

Multiple output methods-support 4-20mA (default), RS485 (optional), NB-IOT can be customized according to your needs. *If you need NB-IOT, please contact customer service;

45°inclined pressure hole-45° cut surface design, effectively reducing the abrasion of the shell by impurities at the bottom of the liquid, and allowing the pressure at the bottom of the liquid to enter the pressure hole smoothly. Punching-resistant design pressure hole, diameter 3MM, anti-clogging, four-hole multi-directional sensing pressure;

Laser marking-powerful manufacturers all use laser marking, which can imprint the sensor information on the surface of the shell for a long time without falling off. In order to save costs, Xiaoguangjia adopts self-adhesive stickers. Long-term liquid immersion will cause discoloration and fall off and lose sensor information, so self-adhesive stickers are rejected;

Waterproof PVC lead-This sensor adopts high polymer PVC waterproof lead. The material is thick, wear-resistant, aging-resistant, and has a long life;

Air guide hole design-special note: Do not immerse the air guide hole and shielding part in water. Outdoor installation can be made into a semi-circular air guide hole vertically downwards. Do not use tape to plug the air guide hole when the signal line is lengthened. When this hole is blocked, the water level will rise or fall, and the meter value will not change with the change of the water level.

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