air quality monitoring equipment


Air quality monitoring equipment mainly realizes the display and management of monitoring data of atmospheric information. And summarize/store the uploaded information. Through the collection/filtering/fusion summary/analysis of information. Display in various chart forms. To grasp the dynamic information of the atmospheric environment. Scientifically formulate solutions. Realize disaster early warning.

air quality monitoring equipment

The atmospheric grid monitoring system can continuously and automatically monitor all-weather. The real-time changes of ambient air gaseous pollutants (S02, NO2, C0, 03) and ambient air particulate matter (PM2.5, PM10). Quickly and accurately collect and process monitoring data to realize online automatic monitoring of regional air quality. Automatic warning: the monitoring terminal gathers and filters the data reported by the sensors. When a certain item of data exceeds the threshold. The monitoring terminal immediately reports the alarm information to the monitoring center.

After receiving the alarm information, the monitoring center forwards it to the mobile phone of relevant management personnel in real time. Internet of things management: support multiple model calculation reports combined with multi-dimensional display of charts, data mining and statistics | big data analysis and result prediction Template management: unified data display | monitoring data includes real-time sensing data, video stream data, pictures and other data types Camera Management: Camera Management|Camera Key Management Video management: Set up a removable video surveillance camera. Realize remote real-time monitoring and regular snapshots of on-site photos. Video storage and playback functions. The system can remotely monitor the environment in real time 24 hours a day. It not only guarantees safe production. It also improves the work efficiency of managers and the level of environmental monitoring and management.

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