portable air quality monitor


Portable air quality monitor can be used for harmful gas detection. Organic voc gas detection, combustible gas detection, single gas detection. The development of detection technology to accurately make early warning of hidden dangers changes with each passing day. The application in the inspection and elimination of accident precursors is also becoming more and more extensive. Its development direction is miniaturization and automation. In order to achieve long-term monitoring. The portable gas detector is also a hand-held gas detector. It is held by the operator or hung on the waist or stuck on the helmet. An instrument that is convenient for detecting and measuring the concentration of gas in the workplace anytime and anywhere.

portable air quality monitor
The portable gas detector

Environmental safety testing generally allows the gas to be tested in the environment. However, the safety value cannot be exceeded. If the safety value exceeds the preset value, it will alarm in time. Remind the staff to take safe handling measures. The portable gas detector can detect combustible gas and toxic gas. One gas can be detected separately. It can also detect multiple gases at the same time. It can be flexibly selected according to the specific requirements of the customer’s place of use. Look for leak detectors. It is mainly used to inspect leak points in closed environments such as tanks and pipelines. The commonly used instrument is a portable gas leak detector. Can detect dozens of gases.

The application environment of portable gas detectors is usually harsh. The instrument itself is specially designed for waterproof and dustproof. The usual degree of protection is IP65 to IP67. It is the universal method of representing the industrial protection level in the world. The last two digits indicate the level of dust and water resistance. IP65 means that the instrument is impervious to dust and protected from water jets. IP67 means that the instrument is impervious to dust and protected from water.

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