Features of speed of wind measurement instrument


The speed of wind measurement instrument innovatively realizes wind speed and wind direction through a highly integrated structure. It can realize 24 hours continuous online monitoring of outdoor weather parameters. The two parameters are output to the user at one time through the digital communication interface. Compared with the traditional wind measurement instrument. Our products overcome the demand for high-precision timers. Avoid the measurement inaccuracy caused by the sensor startup delay, the demodulation circuit delay, and the temperature change.

speed of wind measurement instrument
Product features

1. Ultrasonic probe hidden in the top cover to avoid the interference of rain and snow accumulation and avoid the obstruction of natural wind

2. The principle is to transmit a continuous variable frequency ultrasonic signal, and detect the wind speed and direction by measuring the relative phase.

3, wind speed, wind direction two elements integrated

4. Adopting advanced sensor technology, real-time measurement, no starting wind speed

5. Strong anti-interference ability, with watchdog circuit. Automatic reset function to ensure stable operation of the system

6, high integration, no moving parts, zero wear

7, maintenance-free, no on-site calibration

8. The use of ASA engineering plastics does not change color for outdoor applications, and has strong corrosion resistance

9. The standard configuration of the product design output signal is RS485 communication interface (MODBUS protocol). Optional 232, USB, Ethernet interface, support real-time data reading

10, optional wireless transmission module, the minimum transmission interval is 1 minute

11. The probe is a snap-in design. Solve the problem of inaccurate looseness during transportation and installation

12. One-piece design has low wear, long service life and fast response speed.

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