Introduction to portable weather station


The portable weather station is a new type of online meteorological monitoring terminal integrating the online measurement of meteorological parameters. The equipment has the characteristics of small volume and integration. Easy to transport, carry and install. The position can be dynamically adjusted at any time.

The appearance, working conditions, safety requirements and functional requirements of the equipment all meet the requirements of modern meteorological monitoring. Mainly used for aquaculture meteorological monitoring, airport environmental monitoring, agricultural meteorological monitoring, and atmospheric environment air quality and other environmental online real-time monitoring.

portable weather station
What are the monitoring parameters of portable weather stations?

Portable weather station can accurately measure a number of parameters: PM2.5, PM10, noise, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, wind power, TSP, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, rain and snow, radiation, evaporation, soil temperature, humidity and electrical conductivity and other environmental factors. Can better meet the needs of customers.


1, itself small size, compact design, convenient to carry. Can support users to carry to a variety of harsh environment for use. Real-time reading, measurement data, real-time view. Support to report to cloud view, high measurement accuracy, wide measurement data, stability and reliability.

2, Integrated wind direction and anemometer make the volume more compact. It is convenient for users to carry the instrument to harsh environment for use. High measurement accuracy and reliable stability. Product technical indicators meet the requirements of meteorological observation specifications, according to the use of hand-held observation.

3, Portable online weather station, low power consumption, energy-saving design. It is green and can be paired with solar panels. It can be used for a long time in areas where electricity is not convenient. Super long standby 10 hours, full power state more than 2 hours of uninterrupted use.

4, Portable weather station support measurement expansion function, can support six elements, seven elements, eight elements of meteorological data monitoring

5, a variety of communication modes, through RS232/RS485/USB and other standard communication interface and PDA, notebook computer and other equipment in the field to read data. It can also realize local long-distance data communication (≤1000 meters), 200,000 data storage, recording one data every five minutes, can be continuously stored for two years.

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