Ultrasonic level gauge uses more advanced technology


There are many techniques for measuring liquid level. Especially in so many years of technical development and technical personnel work hard in the process, the relevant technology is like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, a large number of emerging.

Among them, the direct contact level sensor is a relatively primitive type. Now like ultrasonic level gauge, input level gauge, its production, design process used in the technology, is more advanced.

ultrasonic level gauges
The benefits of ultrasonic level gauge:

Our country a municipal staff on the latest introduction of ultrasonic level meter and input type level meter full of praise. According to them, these sensors are much simpler to install than traditional direct contact level sensors.

The ultrasonic level gauge only needs to be installed on the back of the manhole cover to accurately measure the level of sewage in the sewer. The input-type smart level sensor is even simpler, as long as it is thrown into the water can work normally.

City workers say they never thought installing sensors in sewers would be so easy. After all, the sewer is a very bad environment, and there is a particularly disgusting smell. Even with the use of air filters, it is difficult to isolate the smell completely.

On top of that, municipal workers working on the project are suffering from sludge of questionable composition. Even in their hazmat suits, that strange touch leaves a very unpleasant memory in their minds.

In the past, every installation of a direct contact liquid level sensor meant a long time in the sewer, further heightening the intensity of the painful experience.

Fortunately, there are now ultrasonic level gauges and input smart level sensors. They were genuinely happy to be able to do their work with all the stench and sewage.

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