Portable weather station monitor weather changes


Maybe you haven’t seen a portable weather station and you don’t know what it does. In fact, the demand for weather stations in our daily life is irreplaceable. We all check the weather every day before going to work and before going out. Look at the weather forecast, and the weather forecast data information support is indispensable to the weather station.

The existence of weather stations can help people detect meteorological information and meet people’s demand for real-time on-site meteorological information. Accurate weather information can help people and organizations make major decisions about weather conditions that affect safety and operations.

Traditional weather information instruments are composed of several sensors and wind cups. Not only is this prone to cracking and the data accuracy is not high, but the weather station contains seven sensors and is compact.

Portable weather station
The role of portable weather station:

Portable weather station is a portable observation system that is easy to carry, easy to use, high measurement accuracy and integrated with a number of meteorological elements.

The system adopts new integrated structure design and is well made. Can collect temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, solar radiation, rainfall, air pressure, illuminance, soil temperature, soil moisture, dew point and other information and make announcements and trend analysis.

The system is divided into two forms: wired station and wireless station. With software, it can realize network remote data transmission and network real-time meteorological monitoring. It is a small automatic weather station with outstanding cost performance.

Portable weather station are easy to install, easy to use, compact, portable and waterproof. The portable weather station uses a large LCD screen to display more intuitive data.

Moreover, the sensor can be inserted and used with exquisite configuration. Portable weather station is widely used in meteorology and agriculture to detect the impact of meteorological changes on crops and scientifically manage farmland planting. It is a special equipment for agriculture Bureau, Chinese Academy of Sciences, soil and fertilizer stations, colleges and universities. It is suitable for standard fertile fields and water-saving irrigation projects.

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