Liquid level sensor help control the liquid level


Many people in the field need to add water or drainage operations, the use of floating ball level meter to control the level. According to the reason, is in the appropriate. But because the actual situation will appear on the spot, the installation is not very convenient. Like the top of the container is concrete, or it’s landfill. These factors caused the floating ball level meter can not be installed. At this point, the user does not know what to do next. At this point we can choose the liquid level sensor.

Connect the liquid level sensors to the digital display meter, and output the alarm signal through the digital display meter. Alarm points can be set arbitrarily to expand the monitoring range. Can monitor liquid level, and can be set arbitrarily. Compared with the float level meter, it can only set a fixed point, can not do any point on site setting.
Liquid level sensor, in the liquid level meter products, belongs to the simplest structure. The most convenient installation. It is an economical and practical level meter. The disadvantage is that it can only be measured without strong corrosion. Does not contain flammable and explosive medium.

Because the ventilation cable is used for the liquid level sensors, the cable will be corroded by strong corrosive media. Flammable and explosive media for liquid level sensor, can not achieve explosion-proof function. Flammable and explosive oil medium is easily ignited by contact with the probe.
Liquid level sensors are made of diffused silicon or ceramic sensors whose piezoresistive effect is nearly high voltage into electrical signals. After temperature compensation and linear correction, it is converted to standard current signal output.

liquid level sensor
Liquid level sensor introduction:

The liquid level sensor adopts high-performance diffusion silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor as the measuring element. After high reliability amplification processing circuit and precision temperature compensation. Convert the gauge or absolute voltage of the medium to a standard voltage or current signal.

The sensor is compact in size and easy to install. It can be directly put into the water to measure the liquid level from the end of the transmitter to the liquid level. The liquid level sensor has strong impact resistance, is not easy to block, easy to clean, and has good corrosion resistance. It is also often used in water quality monitoring.

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