Features of multi gas detector

Introduction of Portable Gas Detector

Jingxunchangtong’s JXBS-4001 series portable gas detector adopts the latest digital integrated circuit technology. A brand new intelligent multi gas detector designed with international gas detection technology. The development of portable gas detectors allows the leakage process to be discovered at an early stage. It is widely used in industrial safety monitoring and indoor air quality testing. Hazardous substance detection, environmental protection monitoring. Aiming at the key links in the process of disaster incubation, occurrence and development. Destroy its chain development chain. It is an important part of the technical system for the prevention and control of safety accidents. JXBS-4001 uses a large-size full-color LCD display to display the readings in real time. For the probe, select the probe from a well-known brand manufacturer in the industry. Relying on years of gas transmitter research and development experience, it uses mature, stable and long-life probe solutions. It uses a detection circuit designed by a digital chip from a major international factory. Can achieve very high sensitivity and excellent repeatability.

multi gas detector
multi gas detector
Introduction of the portable four-in-one gas detector

The portable four-in-one gas detector can detect 1-4 kinds of gases at the same time. The manufacturer can arbitrarily customize the type of gas to be detected according to customer needs. There are many units, including ppm, mg/m3, Vol%, LEL%, ppb and many other units that can be switched freely. It has a rich man-machine interface. A full-color interface designed based on the latest embedded ideas. Can query, record and display gas data in real time. There are three gas concentration display modes. Gas single digital + meter display, multi-gas collective display, optional real-time curve display. Optional data storage function. Supports up to 100,000 data storage functions. You can export data to a computer via Excel. And perform printing, editing, icon display functions and so on. With sound and light alarm function. Can prompt quickly and effectively. volume_upcontent_copyshare

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