Soil moisture sensor wifi effectively control soil temperature and humidity


Temperature and humidity are the main factors affecting the growth and development of plants and animals. The temperature and humidity not only affect the growth and flowering of plants. And it affects the development of pollination and reproduction. soil moisture sensor wifi affects soil plants, microorganisms and soil fertility. The higher the soil temperature under certain conditions. The faster the plant grows, the lower the soil temperature.

The crop roots absorb water slowly. When the climatic conditions are suitable for transpiration. The above-ground parts of plants often suffer from dehydration or lack of water. Too low soil temperature usually causes freezing damage to the branches or roots of winter crops. The air humidity in the greenhouse is in closed facilities. It is formed by soil moisture evaporation, spraying to replenish water, and water transpiration in plants. Greenhouse crops have strong growth potential and strong metabolism. Crop has a high leaf area index and releases a large amount of water vapor through transpiration. The solubility of gases, inorganic salts and other substances in the soil will be affected by temperature. The diffusion of water and gas is affected by temperature. The activity of exchange ions is affected by temperature. The activity of microorganisms will also be affected, which in turn affects root growth. This in turn affects plant growth.

soil moisture sensor wifi
soil moisture sensor wifi
The role of wireless soil temperature and humidity sensor

Generally, plants require a soil water holding rate of about 70%. The soil is dry and cannot satisfy the transpiration of plants. Transpiration is the driving force for water absorption and mineral nutrient transportation. Excessive or low humidity will cause the pores to close. The plant stomata are closed. CO2 cannot enter the mesophyll cells. Photosynthesis slows down or even stops. Moreover, high humidity can also condense leaf moisture. Causes leaf cells to rupture and weaken the plant. Affect the plant’s nutrition to the roots. Causes root hypoxia. Excessive soil moisture will cause the ground temperature to drop. Not conducive to root development.

Helps the reproduction of germs. Increase the probability of occurrence of pests and diseases. The wireless soil temperature and humidity sensor can collect soil temperature and humidity data in real time. Effectively control soil temperature. Accelerate plant growth and increase crop output value. Adopt high-sensitivity digital probe imported from Switzerland. The signal is stable and accurate. It can be used in warehouses, cold chain logistics, product transportation, fruit and vegetable gardens and other fields.

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