Application of soil moisture sensor in agricultural disaster warning


The soil moisture sensor is mainly used to measure the soil moisture content (soil moisture content). Soil moisture and soil temperature data monitored by a soil moisture analyzer. Provide an important basis for agricultural production and agricultural meteorological monitoring. It is widely used in agricultural meteorological monitoring and disaster warning systems. In the national drought and flood control system. There are a large number of drought and moisture monitoring stations installed throughout the country. Hydrological station. The soil water detector is the most important and basic instrument at these sites.

soil water detector
soil water detector
Characteristics of soil moisture sensor:

(1) High protection performance: High-density epoxy resin is used for high-temperature vacuum filling between the probe of the soil moisture analyzer and the body. It can prevent moisture from entering the inside of the fuselage. IP68 protection, waterproof and dustproof, good sealing performance. In addition to the combined part, we also do waterproof and dustproof treatment to the entire body of the soil moisture sensor. Ensure long-term operation of components.

(2) Stainless steel probe: Austenitic 316 stainless steel is used as the raw material for the probe part of the soil moisture detector. Anti-rust and electrolysis resistance, resistance to salt and alkali corrosion, to ensure the long-term operation of the probe part. Therefore, it is suitable for all kinds of soil. It can be buried in the soil for a long time to continuously monitor the soil moisture content.

(3) Low power consumption and high sensitivity chip: The soil moisture detector uses imported high-quality chips with low power consumption, high sensitivity and stable signal. The soil moisture sensor data supports wireless remote viewing.


Soil temperature and humidity play a vital role in crop growth. High and low temperature will affect the microorganisms in the soil to decompose the organic matter in the fertilizer. High moisture will cause poor soil aeration. Low moisture cannot satisfy crop growth. Salinization will harden the soil. A large number of cracks appeared. Causes root death. The emergence of soil moisture sensors. It can well monitor the moisture content in the soil. Provide a good growing environment for crops.

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