Application of ozone gas detector


Ozone gas detector is suitable for continuous online detection of ozone concentration in various industrial environments and special hazardous environments. It can display the concentration value in real time on the spot LCD and various standard signal output. This instrument adopts the original Swiss electrochemical ozone sensor, and a variety of ranges are available. Fast response speed, high measurement accuracy, good stability and repeatability, various parameters can be customized by the user, and the operation is simple.

The explosion-proof ozone gas detector can currently be used in petrochemical, industrial production, smelting and forging, electric power, coal mines, tunnel engineering, environmental monitoring, sewage treatment, biopharmaceuticals and other fields. Its explosion-proof design can also be applied to various dangerous places. Ozone gas detector is a device that can be used to detect dangerous ozone gas leaks. Imported electrochemical sensors are used. Advanced technology and more stable performance. And it has stable signal, sensitive response and high precision. Good repeatability and other advantages. It is a suitable instrument for the detection of toxic and harmful combustible gases.

ozone gas detector
ozone gas detector
Features of online explosion-proof ozone detector

First, it adopts a 1.54-inch industrial-grade OLED display, which is clear and intuitive. Second, it adopts the original Swiss electrochemical ozone sensor with stable performance. Third, 4-20mA, RS485, 433M wireless transmission and other signal output are optional. Fourth, it has a concentration alarm function, and the alarm high and low points can be set. Fifth, it comes with full-scale temperature compensation and data correction. Improve the accuracy and stability of the detection results. Sixth, it can be controlled by the magnetic rod to avoid opening the cover in dangerous situations. Seventh, it has the functions of over-voltage protection, anti-reverse connection protection, anti-static interference, and anti-magnetic field interference. Eighth, all Chinese/English operating menus are simple and practical.

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