soil water detector

Significance of soil water detector

Promote the sustainable development of agriculture and produce high-quality and high-yield agricultural products. It is the fundamental goal of agricultural production, no matter in the feudal society with backward science and technology. Still in today’s advanced science and technology. Relevant departments and ordinary people have made great efforts. Farmer producers through rational fertilization. Pursue high-yield and high-quality agricultural products. Efforts should be made to improve the quality and yield of agricultural products in terms of rational irrigation, pest control, soil testing, and variety cultivation. Among them, soil moisture detection is one of the most important tasks in modern agricultural production. Soil moisture mainly comes from atmospheric precipitation and irrigation water. In addition, there are condensation of water vapor near the ground, rising groundwater levels, and moisture in soil minerals. Below, let us understand the importance of soil water detector.

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Soil water detector – How to use soil moisture monitoring

Less soil moisture will directly lead to the reduction of photosynthetic raw materials. Or indirectly lead to the closure of stomata and enzyme inactivation. The decline in photosynthesis has become a major limiting factor for photosynthesis. Lack of water can also cause the death of crops. Because the total volume of the soil gap is constant, water and air occupy this part of the volume.

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