Water Level Sensor – level gauge

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Water Level Sensor

The water level sensor is a kind of sensor which adopts imported high-precision diffusible silicon sensor. The stainless steel shell adopts the all-welded sealing structure, with high measuring accuracy and good reliability. It is widely used for level monitoring in both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Water Level Sensor

 Water Level Sensor Features

(1) Anti-interference and good stability to ensure correct signal transmission

Rectangular circuit board design can be used for regular wiring and installation of circuit components on the circuit board. The limited space can be effectively used for heat dissipation, and the stability, anti-interference and service life of circuit components can be guaranteed.

(2) 45° inclined plane pressure hole

The 45° cut surface design effectively reduces the abrasion of the shell by impurities at the bottom of the liquid, and allows the pressure at the bottom of the liquid to smoothly enter the pressure hole. Punching-resistant design pressure hole, diameter 3MM, anti-clogging, four-hole multi-directional sensing pressure.

(3) 304 stainless steel shell

As a widely used steel, 304 stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties; it has good hot workability such as stamping and bending, and is corrosion resistant in the atmosphere.

(4) Multiple transmission methods

Support 4-20mA (default), RS485 (optional), NB-IOT can be customized according to needs

(5) Laser marking

Powerful manufacturers all use laser marking, which can imprint the sensor information on the surface of the shell for a long time without falling off.

(6) Waterproof PVC lead

This sensor uses high polymer PVC waterproof lead. The material is thick, wear-resistant, aging-resistant, and has a long life.

level gauge

 Water Level Sensor parameters

Range: 1~ 50M (customizable)

Operating voltage: 9~24Vdc

Accuracy: Level 0.5 (default)/Level 0.3 / level 0.1

Output signal: 4 to 20mA(default), RS485(optional)

Response time: 0.5ms

Insensitive zone: ≤ 1%fs

Stability: 0.1%FS/ year

Temperature compensation: 0-50°C

Medium temperature: 0~70°C

Overload capacity: 200%

Protection class: IP68

Probe type: Imported diffused silicon

304 stainless steel shell, 304 stainless film, PVC polymer

Overall material: material waterproof lead

 Water Level Sensor Application

Water level sensor can be widely used in water plants, sewage treatment plants, urban water supply, high building pool, well, geothermal well, mine, industrial pool, oil pool, hydrogeology, reservoir, river, ocean, and other fields.

level gauge


What is a water level sensor?

Liquid level sensor (water level sensor) is a pressure sensor for measuring liquid level. and convert the measured pressure into electrical signal output.

How does the water level sensor work?

The principle of static pressure measurement: when the liquid level transmitter is put into a certain depth of the liquid under test, the pressure formula of the sensor against the liquid level is as follows:Ρ=ρ.g.H Po formula: Pressure on

P: transmitter against liquid level

ρ: measured liquid density

g: local gravity acceleration

Atmospheric pressure on Po: surface

Depth of H: transmitter into liquid

Meanwhile, the pressure of the liquid is introduced into the positive pressure chamber of the sensor through the gas conduction stainless steel, and the atmospheric pressure Po on the liquid level is connected with the negative pressure chamber of the sensor to counteract the Po, on the back of the sensor

The pressure measured by the sensor is ρ.g.H the depth of liquid level can be obtained by measuring the pressure P.

What are the types of water level gauge?

It is divided into two categories: one is contact type, including single flange differential pressure liquid level sensor, float liquid level sensor, magnetic liquid level sensor, input liquid level sensor, electric inner float liquid level sensor, electric float liquid level sensor, electronic water level gauge, magnetostrictive liquid level sensor, servo liquid level sensor, etc. The second category is non-contact, divided into the ultrasonic liquid level sensor, radar liquid level sensor, and so on.


Water Level Sensor Introduction Manual




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